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Which modalities can NBK use to transport goods?

NBK is capable to transport all kind of goods (such as: alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, dangerous goods and general goods) through all modalities. 

What kind of dangerous goods are able to be stored in the NBK Warehouse?

NBK stores dangerous goods class 2.1, 3, 5.1, 6, 8 and 9.

What happens at a bonded warehouse?

Non- union goods are stored under suspension of import duties, excise and VAT in a bonded warehouse.

Via which platform can i view my current stock at the NBK Warehouse?

NBK has an online customer portal, where you can see your realtime stock at any moment. 

How many hours are included container trucking?

2 Hours are included for the first stop to (un)load the container during our container trucking service.

Does NBK have their own trucks?

Yes! NBK has its own trucks available for containers transport to and from the harbours in the Netherlands and Belgium. We work with a number of strategic partners to ensure that all containers are picked up or returned on time. 

What should I do if I sell excise goods to private individuals in the EU?

When you sell excise goods to private individuals within the EU, you need a representative for the declaration of local excise and VAT.

How much wine can I, as a invidual, bring with me to the Netherland, excise free?

Important is that you can prove that you are bringing along the wine for personal use. If you are stopped at the border, the customs officer will want to determine whether the amount is actually intented for personal usage. You are not allowed to bring it to the Netherlands, excise free, and later sell it via your own webshop.

Do you want bring along some of that delicious wine that you tasted when you were away, keep in mind the following maximum quantities:

  • 90 Liters of wine, of which a maximum of 60 litres of sparkling wine is allowed;
  • 20 liters of liquer wine, like sherry or port.

Did you accidentally bring along more, or does the customs officer doubt whether the products are inteted for own usage? This will result into Dutch excise duty's and VAT.

Which customs permits does NBK have?

NBK has customs permits such as AEOC, customs warehouse and excise warehouse.

Does VAT always have to be paid directly after customs clearance?

VAT payments can be postponed via a dutch article 23, or by using a Dutch fiscal representative.

What is required to custom clear goods to the EU?

We advise to work with a specialist for customs clearance declarations! Customs clearance requires specific knowledge.

Are all companies allowed to export goods?

If a non-EU established company wishes to export EU-goods, additional conditions apply. 

When do I need a tax representative?

In some cases, working together with a fiscal representative is a legal obligation.

What conditions does NBK have for the tax representation services?

If NBK acts as a fiscal representative, a contract is made to capture all the agreements. Besides the contract, you must take into account that there must be a bank guarantee or depositing a deposit.

What is Escrow service?

Escrow service is a service for our customers at NBK. It is service in which NBK receives the money of a thirdy party as an indepedent party. These funds are deposited as part of a sales transaction under the roof of NBK.

What are the benefits for the buyer with Escrow service?

The advantage for the buyer with Escrow service via NBK, is the guarantee that NBK will actually deliver the goods. 

What is the advantage for the seller with Escrow service?

The advantage for the seller with Escrow service is that the seller is paid for the goods that are traded under the roof of NBK.

What conditions apply to be allowed to use the Escrow bank account?

Specific conditions apply to be allowed to use our Escrow bank account. The contracts that will be drawn up show all our conditions. Besides the contract, you must take into account that there must be a bank guarantee or you have to make a deposit. 

Which requirements does the transport of dangerous goods comply with?

The transport of dangerous goods by road must comply with ADR. 

Which requirements must the transport of dangerous goods by sea comply with?

When dangerous goods are transported via sea, the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code applies. 

What happens if the packaging of hazardous goods is rejected by NBK?

When an email is received from our safety advisor that the packaging in which the hazardous goods are packed has been rejected, we will find a solution for this problem. An action plan will be drawn up and an appropriate solution will be provided, in which the storage and transport of these dangerous goods will be handled with care. 

How do I become a customer at NBK?

Send us an e-mail via our online contact form and we will contact the same day!

What kind of conditions apply to the services of NBK?

We use the FENEX conditions for the execution of our work. 

Within how many hours can I place my first order, after becoming a new customer?

When all requested information has been received, it is possible to place the first order within 24 hours. 

Where can I submit my complaint?

Complaints about NBK her services or any other complaints, can be submitted via

What are the opening hours of NBK?

Office (monday to friday): 08.30 AM - 17.30 PM

Warehouse (monday to friday): 07.30 AM - 16.30 PM

Selling wine to a private person in Germany

The wine should be sold 'duty paid' with the incoterm DDP.

Local excise and VAT must be established in Germany through a tax representative in Germany.

There is no VAT border for distance sales of excise goods. 

With the sale of the first bottle, local excise duties and VAT are billed, declared and paid. 

Who is responsible for the payment of local excise and VAT on excise goods?

The seller is obliged to declare and pay the local excise duty and VAT through a Fiscal Representative for the webshop sales to private individuals in other EU countries.

What are union goods?

Union goods are goods that are wholly obtained in the customs territory of the Union.

What are non-union goods?

Goods entering the EU are in principle always regarded as non-Union goods. Customs supervision of these goods will continue until it appears that the goods nevertheless have Union status.