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Certain export documents are required for the transport for export of goods out of the EU. Within our role as freight forwarder and third party logistics provider, NBK can assist you with obtaining this documentation.

On your behalf, we can request the following documents at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK):

  • Certificates of Origin (CO)
  • EUR.1 certificates
  • ATR certificates

Certificate of origin

A Certificate of Origin (CO) declares in which country a certain product is produced. Based on the CO, a country can decide to accept or reject the import of certain goods. Some countries outside the EU request a CO because of effective regulations such as boycotts, import restrictions or import quotas.

The origin of a product is determined according to European and national law and regulations. 

EUR.1 Certificate

The European Union has trade agreements with a number of countries. These agreements may include discounts on customs duties or exemptions regarding import duties.
An EUR.1 certificate declares if and which discounts or exemptions are applicable to a certain product.

ATR Certificate

An ATR certificate is a customs document required for trade between the EU and Turkey. The certificate can be used for both import and export.
In the basis, products under the trade agreement are import duty exempt. However, exceptions or additional taxes can be applicable to certain product. NBK can assist you with this process.

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