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Warehousing is the perfect solution for many companies to get the best out of the primary processes. Activities such as stock management, order picking and transport can be outsourced to an expert like us! NBK facilitates the storage of goods that will be distributed later.

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Excise warehouse 
In the excise warehouse of NBK products such as beers, wines, spirits and mineral forms can be stored under suspension of excise duties. If the goods are sold in the Netherlands, NBK can take care of the excise declarations. 

Customs warehouse
NBK has a customs warehouse. In a customs warehouse, non-Union goods are stored under suspension of import duties and VAT. The advantage of storing goods in a customs warehouse is that the payment of customs duties can be postponed until the moment of sale. Depending on the final destination of the goods at the time of sale, customs declarations are submitted and customs duties paid.

Furthermore, depending on the final destination of the goods, customs declarations are submitted and customs duties are paid. Additional conditions apply to the transport of customs goods, feel free to contact us!

ADR Warehouse
NBK is specialized in the storage of hazardous substances. Additional conditions apply for the storage of hazardous substances. These conditions apply to our pilots and our employees. NBK provides the transport and storage of dangerous goods of the following classes:

Restrictions may apply to the above ADR classes. Please contact NBK for the possibilities.

The NBK warehouses are fully equipped so that hazardous substances of different ADR classes can be stored. In addition to modern safety and environmental conditions, the ADR warehouses comply with the PGS standards and NBK has all permits and knowledge in-house.

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