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Excise goods place.

NBK can store excise goods such as beer, wine, alcohol and mineral oils under suspension of excise duty in our excise goods warehouse. If goods are sold in the Netherlands, NBK can take care of the excise declaration.

Additional conditions apply to the transport of excise goods within Europe.


Customs storage.

NBK has a customs warehouse. In a customs warehouse, non-Union goods are stored under suspension of import duties and VAT. The advantage of storing goods in a customs warehouse is that the payment of customs duties can be postponed until the moment of sale. Depending on the final destination of the goods at the time of sale, customs declarations are submitted and customs duties paid.

Additional conditions apply to the transport of customs goods.


Hazardous material storage.

NBK is specialized in the storage and transport of hazardous substances. Additional conditions apply for the storage of hazardous substances. These conditions apply to our pilots and our employees. NBK provides the transport and storage of dangerous goods of the following classes:

Restrictions may apply to the above ADR classes. Please contact NBK for the possibilities.


Value added services.

With our additional logistics services, we provide more than just transport and storage. NBK is able to provide the following services:

  • Packing and repacking
  • Labeling and labeling
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Storage under suspension of excise duty and VAT
  • Storage under suspension of import duties and VAT
  • Monitoring the quality of the goods
  • Cross-dockind

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