Warehousing is an important part when you want to import goods that have no destination yet, or when you want to export goods that are not yet allowed to cross the border. NBK can take care of the storage of both hazardous and non-hazardous goods in one of its own warehouses that are located in the main port of Europe, Rotterdam.

With our value-added services, we’re adding value to our storage provision. We can chock the packages of your goods, monitor their quality when they are in storage at our warehouses and if preferred, repack your products. Excise goods are stored under suspension of duty.

Excise goods

One of NBKs’ expertises is the storage and forwarding of excise goods. NBK can store excise good such as beer, wine, spirits and mineral oils under suspension in our bonded warehouse. And if you intent to sell those product in the Netherlands, NBK can deal with the import duties and/or excise duties on your behalf. So you do not have to worry about excise duty rates any longer.

If the goods need to be delivered to other countries within the EU, NBK will transport those goods under suspension of duty to a registered excise goods location. 

Customs warehouse

Customs warehouse can be used when you are looking to avoid, delay or minimize paying traffic and or VAT on imported goods. When stored at our bonded warehouse, payment of customs duties or excise duties can be delayed. This is an effective and efficient method to allow you to decide when it is the best time to declare your goods, pay tariffs and/or forward your goods.

ADR Goods

NBK’s chemical warehouse is fully equipped to deal with hazardous materials from different ADR classifications. NBK is compliant with the latest safety and environmental regulations. The ADR warehouses are compliant with PGS standards.

  • NBK meet all the requirements of the Chemical sector based on safety, individualized product handling and delivery in line with deadlines. We transport and store packaged bulk goods of the Chemical sector – liquids, powders and granulates.
  • In order to guarantee the safety of the products of our customers, only specially qualified NBK employees are used who regularly participate in training and further courses.

NBK can handle, distribute and store hazardous goods of the following ADR classes:

The ADR classes above can be subject to restrictions.
Contact NBK for the possibilities.

Value added services

With our value added services we can create added value for you and your customers goods.
NBK provides the following services:

  • Packaging / Repackaging
  • Labeling
  • Quality monitoring
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Storage under suspension of excise duty
  • Crossdocking, With crossdocking, the goods are not stored in our warehouse, but loaded directly into the next transport. 

If you have questions regarding forwarding, distribution or storage of adr goods (chemical) in our bonded warehouse feel free to get a quote!