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ADR hazardous goods.

The warehousing of dangerous goods at NBK BV takes place on the Malledijk. This location has more than 20.000 m2 of certified storage space. The goods classes we store are: 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 6.1, 8 and 9.

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ADR Hazardous Goods

Do you have hazardous goods that need to be stored safely? Then NBK is the company you are looking for. We specialize in the storage of hazardous goods and know the rules that apply to the transportation of hazardous goods. 

ADR Hazardous Goods

The ADR for dangerous goods was created by the United Nations. It is a treaty that sets important rules for the transportation of hazardous goods. This treaty applies to international road transport. The ADR contains various requirements regarding:

  • The transportation conditions;
  • The requirements for the classification of dangerous substances;
  • The procedures for shipping, including labeling and documentation;
  • The requirements for packaging and tanks.

Warehousing of Hazardous Goods

In addition to storing normal goods, NBK also offers the possibility of storing dangerous goods. Dangerous goods have different classifications. 

The classifications that we store are; class 2.1, class 3, class 4.2, class 4.3, class 5.1, class 5.2, class 6.1, class 8 and class 9. It is also possible to store packaged bulk goods from the chemical sector and have them transported by NBK. Powders, granulates, and liquids are included in the bulk goods.

Why choose NBK as  a partner? 

First, NBK's warehouses are fully adapted for the storage of dangerous goods. Our ADR storage rooms also comply with the latest safety and environmental measures, in accordance with PGS standards. Second, we meet all the requirements of the chemical sector that are based on individualized product handling, safety, and timely delivery of goods. Finally, we consider safety to be very important and only work with NBK employees who are qualified. They also regularly attend courses and training to ensure that they stay up to date on all new changes.