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NBK offers value added administrative services. One of the value added services is fiscal representation.  A fiscal representative is in some cases an obligation. NBK is able to check if you are obligated to use a fiscal representative.

Why using a fiscal representative?

A fiscal representative is able to facilitate all administrative VAT obligations to the Dutch Tax office. The administrative services includes all benefits for using article 23 and VAT reverse charge.

The benefits for using NBK as your fiscal representative:

  • Prevent unnecessary payments of VAT when goods are imported in the Netherlands;
  • NBK is able to facilitate customs warehousing to store all goods under suspension of import duties and VAT;
  • Suspension of payments of import duties and VAT until the goods are actually sold;
  • Selling within EU with the possibility of VAT reverse charge;
  • No complicated laws and regulations for your VAT administration.

NBK has all knowledge and systems to declare all VAT requirements to Dutch Tax office.

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