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When importing goods to the Netherlands or export goods from the Netherlands, the goods must be declared at the tax and customs offices. Depending on the type of goods, import duties, excise duties, consumption tax and VAT will be paid. NBK has its own customs department and is happy to support you with all customs questions!

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Import declarations.

Depending on the type of goods imported to the Netherlands, import duties, consumption tax, anti-dumping duties, excise duties and VAT will have to be paid. To import goods into the Netherlands, NBK can assist in providing all documents required for import declarations.


Transit declarations.

Goods entering the EU do not have to be cleared immediately. The goods can be stored in a bonded warehouse. A transport document, named T1 document, is required for customs goods that are transported within or outside the EU.


Excise declarations.

The excise duty of goods is done via an excise declaration and is necessary as soon as excise goods are sold in the Netherlands. Excise tax returns are tax returns filed by companies that produce, trade, or import excisable goods. These returns are filed with the tax authorities and are based on the consumption or sale of these excisable goods in a given period. Excise tax returns are important because they form the basis for calculating and collecting excise taxes, which are a significant source of revenue for many countries. Failure to file excise tax returns correctly can result in fines and penalties.


Customs declarations.

Goods imported into the Netherlands or exported from the Netherlands must be declared to customs. They contain important information about the goods. Such as: the nature, origin and value as well as details about the parties involved such as: the importer or exporter and the carrier.