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NBK offers Escrow services as a value added service. The Escrow services minimize risks for the seller and buyer of the goods.

NBK act as an independent intermediary for worldwide transactions between the seller and buyer of the goods. Using the Escrow services of NBK will decrease your risk in worldwide transactions.  

Escrow services process

Several risks appear for the buyer and the seller with a worldwide footprint. NBK facilitate the required trust between two, or more parties in order to make worldwide trade possible without huge company risks.  

Guarantees for the buyer

NBK is able to proof the presence and required quality of the goods you via NBK customs warehouse. If needed, NBK can facilitate worldwide transportation.

The buyer of the goods has got the risk of not receiving goods or not receiving goods under the correct circumstances. By working with a trusted independent partner as NBK, with all necessary proof, worldwide trading will be excluded unnecessary risks.    

Guarantees for the seller

Trading of high value goods does combine with huge financial risks. The worldwide trade in high value goods will be with a more peace of mind if a trusted partner will guarantee the correct payments. The debtor risks will be eliminated by working with NBK as your trusted partner with escrow services.

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