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NBK is a full service logistics company based in the port of Rotterdam. NBK works worldwide with reliable partners and can therefore offer transport all over the world.

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Transport – ADR transport

Different classifications of ADR Transport
NBK transports safely hazardous substances and/or chemicals from A to B. NBK specializes in the storage of hazardous substances and the transport of ADR. We take care of the storage and transport of hazardous substances of different classes. The classes of dangerous goods that we transport are class 2.1, class 3, class 4.2, class 4.3, class 5.1, class 5.2, class 6.1, class 8 and class 9. We also store packaged bulk goods from the chemical sector, such as liquids, powder and granulates, which are then transported.

ADR regulations
There are a few regulations for ADR transport that are very important, for example the packaging. The regulations ragarding the packaging include the maximum load on the vehicle, on the vehicle itself and on the journey to the destination. NBK ensures that the regulations are followed.

NBK meets all the requirements of the chemical sector regarding safety, individual product handling and the delivery of goods within the agreed timeframe. The warehouses comply with the latest safety and environmental measures, in accordance with the PGS standards. Safety is our top priority, which is why only qualified employees are involved when dealing with hazardous substances and chemicals. These employees attend courses and trainings on a regular basis.