NBK offers every type of logistics to all destinations, such as by sea, air, train and by road transport. NBK can support you with your supply chain and facilitate all modes of transportation for all types of goods. 

Our expertise

NBK is specialized in the transportation and storage of dangerous goods, customs goods and excise goods. NBK has all licenses and knowledge of providing customs documents. NBK offers the total package of customs documentation, such as: customs clearance, export documents, transit documents and excise documents.

To add more value we offer different kinds of administrative support. Our added services are fiscal representation and escrow services.

For an efficient collaboration we offer an online portal. This online portal makes it possible to have the most important information anywhere. The online portal provides real- time stock positions and orders at NBK.

The benefits of working with NBK:

  • NBK measures up to all safety requirements to store dangerous goods;
  • Employers of NBK are educated and qualified to store and ship all the dangerous goods in accordance with the obligated conditions;
  • NBK has all licenses to store customs goods and excise goods;
  • NBK has own trucks to transport the goods;
  • All our colleagues are yearly retrained to stay informed by latest law and legislations.

NBK is able to store the following dangerous goods classes:

                                                  The storage of dangerous goods can be subject to restrictions.           

                                                                        Contact NBK for the possibilities.

Storage and transportation of customs goods

NBK has all licenses and knowledge to store and transport customs goods. The goods can be stored in our customs warehouses.

Storage and transportation of excise goods

NBK has all licenses and knowledge to store and transport excise goods. The goods can be stored in our excise warehouse.

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