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Transport is possible via all modalities. When arranging transport, there is a lot to consider, for example customs permits, taxes, laws and regulations and whether the recipient has a license to receive excise goods. NBK has all the permits to transport and store customs goods, excise goods and hazardous substances and is happy to support you in this!

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NBK is able to arrange the forwarding between the buyer and seller, whereby it is possible to transport all goods via different modalities. Our forwarder is happy to help you with specific requests. We can arrange the transport with our own trucks from and to the port of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg. NBK has been working with reliable partners for years to ensure flexibility in transport. 

  • Transport of dangerous goods.  The transport of dangerous goods goes along with legislation and regulations of which NBK has all the knowledge.
  • Transport of customs goods. Specific transport documents are required for the transport of customs goods. Via NCTS, NBK provides electronic documents for the transport to and from the port of another customs warehouse. 
  • Transport of excise goods. The transport of excise goods by NBK takes place via EMCS and under suspension of excise duty and VAT to a registered excise warehouse. If the recipient does not have the correct permits to receive excise goods, different conditions apply to the transport of these excise goods. 



Our expertise

NBK specializes in the storage and transport of customs goods, excise goods and hazardous goods. In addition, we have all customs permits to clear, export and store the goods.

NBK offers additional administrative services to support with international transactions and transport. These services are fiscal representation and escrow services.

For efficient cooperation, we provide an online portal to our customers, which offers the possibility to work with us at any time, all over the world. The online portal provides real-time insight into your available stock at NBK and all your current orders.

  • NBK meets all safety requirements for the storage of hazardous goods;
  • NBK has qualified employees to ensure correct transport and storage of hazardous goods;
  • NBK is in possession of all licenses to transport and store custom and excise goods;
  • NBK has its own trucks to transport your goods;
  • NBK ensures that our colleagues regularly follow training courses to remain informed about the latest developments in the field of hazardous goods, customs goods and excise goods

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