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Fiscal representation.

In addition to forwarding, warehousing and transport, NBK also offers additional services. One of these administrative services is fiscal representation. This service is available for both B2B and B2C.

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Fiscal Representation
Importing goods to Europe via the Netherlands and the onward transport of these goods to the rest of the European Union must comply with national legislation regarding VAT. Meeting all the obligations without the help of an expert can be a difficult challenge. The European VAT system is complex and often changes. NBK offers help for both B2B and B2C. 

Why fiscal representation?
Dutch tax law requires that you pay import duties and VAT as soon as goods enter the Netherlands if you do not have a tax representative. The standard rate is 21% VAT.

By making use of a fiscal representative, the administrative processing can be taken out of your hands. In addition, fiscal representation in combination with storage in a customs warehouse offers the advantage that customs duties are not paid directly.

Fiscal representation by NBK.
Appointing NBK as fiscal representative has the following advantages:

• Prevent import duties and VAT to be paid upon arrival;
• Storage of customs goods in our customs warehouse;
• Postponement of the payment of customs duties until the moment of actual sale;
• Benefit from the tax advantages such as the VAT reverse charge mechanism;
• No direct VAT obligations on goods exported to the Europe.

NBK takes care of the administrative processing of all VAT obligations and import obligations. With our specialists and years of experience, NBK is a reliable partner for both general and limited fiscal representation.

Advise fiscal representation
NBK is happy to take the fiscal representation off your hands and makes a tailor-made package for each customer, based on your own wishes and requirements.

By applying the latest technologies, collaboration and business models, being compliant with continuously changing legislation and transparency, NBK can find the most suitable solutions for you. This makes your flows within the supply chain even more efficient.

Do you have more questions about fiscal representation, or are you curious about what NBK can do for you? Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!