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About us.

The NBK  team consists out of 50 enthusiastic individuals. The team truly feels like family, because we treat each other that way.  You will find employers with years of experience, combined with young professionals in our team. Every day we work on new logistical challenges and solutions, where we assist our clients in their day to day business. This is what we like doing the most! 

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About us

NBK Company film.

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About us

Our challenges.

Logistical challenges make us enthusiastic and happy! We give additional value and fulfillment to turn a challenge into a solution in the logistics and in logistics related fields. We tend to work with fixed teams. Therefore, you work with a fixed contact person who is always available to answer your questions and to assist you. We are happy to help you with transporting and/or storage of the goods in our warehouse. 

About us

Mission, vision, strategy.


NBK offers a neutral platform with the added value provided by the deployment of our specialties.


We expect that existing revenue models of all logistics service providers will and must change. We believe that the solution lies in critically assessing which goods flows are required.

In addition, the application of new technologies, collaboration and business models, will be compliant with continuous legislation and regulations and the need for transparency and knowledge development in the supply chain.

We strive for a tailor-made solution, based on the wishes and requirements of our relations. We do this in a team of skilled and experienced colleagues!


To offer our knowledge to the market as a neutral partner to our relations, whereby NBK is seen as “a concept” and a partner that you do not want to ignore.

Offering services related to our expertise, but not necessarily more colleagues and/or warehouse capacity.

We must be flexible and need to continuously adapt to (new) circumstances.

We offer a pleasant working environment where people like to gather. The social aspect of ‘working’ and ‘colleagues’ has been given another necessity in the difficult COVID time.

Knowledge in the field of transport and storage of dangerous material goods under customs supervision and excise goods.

About us

The company.

We are a specialist in warehousing and transporting dangerous goods, excise goods and goods under customs. In addition, we offer different kinds of services, such as: import declarations, export declarations, fiscal representation and Escrow service. We have our own resources to transport containers to and from all ports in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The history.




The start

We write 1919. Cornelis Klick, who currently works at a shipping agent company in Amsterdam, notices that the wood boats, those that are coming from the Swedish Gothenburg Cellulose and arriving in Velsen, are returning empty. He came up with the idea to load them with general cargo. On the 10th of October he founded the Nederlandsch Bevrachtingskantoor (NBK) in Amsterdam. In Blaauwhoedenvreem-Vriessenveem, which later became Pakhoed, he finds his first investor. Quickly after the founding of the company, Wilhelmus Schalekamp joins the organization and after a short period of time he becomes the co-director. Under the management of these two NBK rises and a regular logistical service from Amsterdam to Hamburg is created.

The start | NBK B.V.

Opening of the first offices

Two years after the start NBK opens its first offices, in Velsen and Rotterdam. We are immensely proud of this!

Opening of the first offices | NBK B.V.

New office Ijmuiden

In 1924 NBK gets to expand again with a new office in Ijmuiden. NBK becomes an agent for Unilever Rotterdam and clears Norwegian whalers for this client, which arrives at the end of their hunting season on ships with a load of 30.000 ton of cargo to unload.

New office Ijmuiden | NBK B.V.



Second World War

As the Second World War is presenting itself, both shipowners and charterers do not desire to enter the North Sea. The First World War and the sea that became a minefield during that period, they remembered that like it happened yesterday. NBK therefore opens an office in Delfzijl. This appeared to be the savior for the company. After that during the war, the shipping to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Dordrecht came to a halt. Thanks to their good relationships, NBK attends to the shipping of enormous amounts of cellulose and wood pulp to all paper factories in the Netherlands, so that these factories could keep on running.

Second World War | NBK B.V.



End of the Second World war

After the Second World War NBK becomes an agent for the Arnold Bersteinlijn Hamburg, that transports unpackaged cars from America to Europe. Thanks to this agency, NBK could welcome all big car importers as their customers. Furthermore, the company receives many agencies and charters of shipments of wood from the Baltic Sea to our country. Via NBK they find their way throughout the Netherlands.

End of the Second World war | NBK B.V.



Takeover by Pakhoed

After some time has passed, in 1982 we arrive to the point where Pakhoed takes over NBK forwarding. As a result, NBK becomes an operating company of this group.

Takeover by Pakhoed | NBK B.V.



Origin of the current NBK

14 years later, in 1996, Pakhoed wishes to push off its activities below the North Sea Canal. To avoid that the five employees end up on the streets, one of them, Bob de Winter Sr., wishes to attempt to save the department. He sees an opportunity in warehousing and transportation of loads which are left. In 1996, the office continues under the name NBK Forwarding. Up to present day, our customers are able to find us under the name of NBK B.V., in which we specialize in warehousing and transporting of dangerous goods, excise goods and goods under customs. Next to that, NBK B.V. offers additional services like import and export declarations, fiscal representation and escrow services. Furthermore, NBK has their own trucks to transport from and to the harbors of Rotterdam and Antwerp. 

Origin of the current NBK | NBK B.V.