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Other services.

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Other services

Customs Declarations.

When goods are imported into the Netherlands or exported from the Netherlands, these goods must be declared to customs.

NBK can help you with various customs declarations! Please contact us.

Other services

Export documents.

Various documents are required for exporting goods from Europe. As a Freight Forwarder and logistics service provider, NBK can assist in obtaining this documentation.

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Other services

Fiscal Representation.

NBK takes care of the administrative handling of all VAT obligations and import obligations. With our specialists and years of experience, NBK is a reliable partner for both general and limited fiscal representation.

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Other services


NBK acts as an independent intermediary and offers escrow services through the NBK Group third-party funds foundation. This service gives the buyer and seller the guarantees to reduce their business risks.

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Other services


NBK is affiliated with a European network to properly handle the sale of excise goods within the EU.

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Other services


Onder accijnsgoederen verstaan we bier, wijn en tussenproducten, overige alcoholhoudende producten, tabaksproducten en minerale olie. Voor accijnsgoederen gelden er andere regels dan voor normale goederen. Meer weten? druk dan op deze link!

Other services


To permanently improve the organization, it is possible and usefull to use the skills and knowledge of an expert in the market. We provide courses for you based on your core business.

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Other services

Consultancy & Advice.

Years of experience in the market provides us with a lot of expertise and information in which we can provide tailor-made consultancy and advice for your company. 

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