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Customs bonded warehouse.

NBK has a customs warehouse. Non-union goods are stored here under suspension of import duties and VAT. Storing goods in a customs warehouse has the advantage that the payment of customs duties can be postponed until the moment of sale. This means that the payment of import duties, excise duties and consumption tax can be postponed.

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Customs bonded warehouse

A bonded warehouse at NBK ensures that you can postpone payment for VAT and customs obligations. You can also ensure that you can prevent payment for goods with a destination outside the EU. Furthermore, we can assure that our customers have more financial and customs benefits, because we have an AEO certification.

Customs declarations

In addition to the customs warehouse, it is also necessary to make customs declarations. At NBK it is possible to get the necessary support and help with this. We have various software packages to arrange the customs declarations for you. The software packages we offer are:

  • Import declarations;
  • Import with fiscal representation;
  • T1/T2 through NCTS;
  • Excise documents;
  • (Re)export declarations.

Benefits of customs bonded warehouse 

Storing your goods in a customs warehouse has a number of advantages. First of all, it is useful that you can store your goods somewhere without the extra costs that you spend on VAT and customs obligations. You can also leave the goods for an indefinite period of time. If you know that you will not need the goods for a while, you can store them in a bonded warehouse.

Treatments during customs bonded warehouse

If you choose to have your goods stored under a bonded warehouse, you must be able to accept that certain treatments are carried out during storage. These treatments are mainly necessary to ensure that the goods remain in good condition during storage in the customs warehouse. Because we think it is important that the goods are delivered in their original condition. It will also improve the presentation or merchantable quality, making the goods more attractive for sale. Finally, during storage in a bonded warehouse, the goods are prepared for sale or distribution.