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Customs declarations.

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Customs declarations

Import declaration.

When you import goods into the Netherlands, depending on the type of goods, import duties, duty, consumption tax and VAT must be paid. NBK handles all declarations to import goods into the Netherlands. 

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Customs declarations

Transit documents.

A transportation document is required to transport customs goods. This document is a T1(Transit) document. NBK has all the possibilities to draw up and submit T1 documents to Customs. 

NBK has all licenses, IT systems and knowledge to custom set up T1 documents.

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Customs declarations

Excise declarations.

Excise declarations are needed when excise goods are sold in the Netherlands or transported in EU. Different requirements apply to the presence of legal licenses.

Sales within the Netherlands

An excise declaration is necessary when excise goods are sold in the Netherlands. 

Transportation of excise goods

An electronic administrative document (e-AD) is drawn up to transport excise goods under suspension of excise duties. When excise goods are transported to a location without a license to receive excise goods, there are other conditions for transportation of excise goods. NBK offers all solutions for transport and storing excise goods in our excise warehouse.

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