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Cooled transport.

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Cooled transport 

When goods are being transported that need to be kept cool, it is important that the transport is in line. Each transport must be handled in a different way and we take that into account. 

Customs declarations

Goods can be exported from the Netherlands by means of cooled transport or imported to the Netherlands. It is necessary to declare the goods to the tax and customs administration. The customs will calculate what the import or export tariffs are. Because of the fact that this is very complicated, NBK can arrange the administrative process for you. We have various software packages to ensure that we do the customs declarations properly. We are happy to take care of the following administrative processes for you: 

  • Import declarations;
  • Import with fiscal representation;
  • T1/T2 via NCTS;
  • Excise documents;
  • (Re) export declarations.

Why NBK?

NBK is logistics service provider and has existed ever since 1919. They have a lot of experience in this field, thanks to their long existence. The warehouse of NBK is located in the Rotterdam harbor. The Rotterdam harbor is a central location and is perfectly reachable for all modalities. We can provide cooled transport by air, road, train or over sea.

Storage of goods

We do not only transport goods, we also provide warehousing. The goods that you decide to store with us, will be located in our warehouse in the Rotterdam harbor. At NBK it is also possible to store dangerous goods and chemicals. Dangerous goods come divided into many classes, however NBK does not store all classes. The classes that you can store at NBK are: class 2.1, class 3, class 4.2, class 4.3, class 5.1, class 5.2, class 6.1, class 8 and class 9. Our warehouses are specially built for storing dangerous goods and chemicals