NBK can transport all goods via all modalities. Transport to and from the port of Rotterdam, the port of Antwerp and the port of Hamburg is provided with our own vehicles. NBK has been working with reliable partners for years to guarantee flexibility in transportation.

Transportation of dangerous goods

The transportation of dangerous goods is bound to restrictions, law and legislations. NBK has all the knowledge to ensure that the transportation of dangerous goods meets all requirements.

Transportation of customs goods

Transportation of customs goods requires specific transport documents. Via NCTS NBK prepare electronic documents for transportation to and from the port or other customs warehouses.

Transportation of excise goods

Transportation of excise goods requires specific transport documentation. Via EMCS NBK prepares  electronic documents for transportation to the port or other excise  warehouses. If the receiving party does not have a license to receive excise goods, other conditions apply.

Want to know more about transportation?

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