Kick-off 2017 for NBK

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Kick-off 2017 for NBK

15 January 2017

The new year is yet 15 days old and the Christmas holiday is over. Here at NBK, we are already hard at work to make 2017 a successful year.

2016 was an eventful year. Due to the rapid developments in the industry, it was necessary to reposition NBK. We want to offer our customers greater simplicity and clarity and can now provide a one-stop shop for all logistics needs in the field of excise goods and chemicals. At the same time we presented the new corporate logo and website.

We're moving forward as NBK

In addition, NBK was proud to present itself as one of the participants in the block chain consortium. NBK sees potential in Block Chain for the logistics sector. This consortium, headed by TKI Dinalog, was established to examine the possibilities of block chain for the sector. Other participants include ABN Amro, Royal Flora Holland, Delft University, Windesheim and Port of Rotterdam.

NBK participant in Blockchain Consortium (Dutch article)

We look forward to be at your service in 2017 for your challenges in logistics!