Just so you know: we're moving forward as NBK!

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Just so you know: we're moving forward as NBK!

13 October 2016

SPIJKENISSE – NBK Forwarding and NBK Warehousing will be moving forward as NBK. In a rapidly changing sector, it has become necessary to reposition our activities. We want to offer greater simplicity and clarity to our clients, and intend to move ahead as a single point of call for all logistical needs. To reflect this joined-up thinking, a new name is required. In addition to our new name, we have updated our website and logo.

NBK takes care of both transport and storage of hazardous and non-hazardous goods. “We provide a total package, and that's exactly what our clients expect these days”, says NBK director, Bob de Winter Jr. “And with our new name, that's the image we hope to project.”

De Winter Jr knows that markets and logistics are changing rapidly. “Manufacturers are starting to produce goods ever closer to their markets. As a result, big manufacturing countries like China are producing less, and production is moving to different countries. This means that there is now a wider range of countries that require bulk cargo transport of semi-finished products. In parallel with that, developments in digital and automation keep moving at a rapid pace. We are continually working to improve our systems and keep them up to date, to allow us to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our aim is to be ahead of the field, and that's why in the near future we'll be investing heavily in new IT solutions and the development of new products such as stock financing. In brief, the market is changing, logistics is changing and we won't be left behind.”


Our new name draws on nearly a century of tradition behind us: the "Nederlandsch Bevrachtingskantoor" has been using the NBK name since 1919. We will be celebrating our centenary in three years time, and as usual in the Netherlands, we hope to be able to mark this achievement by using the "Royal" designation from 2019 onwards.