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Excise goods at NBK

Sell and buy.

The subjects which are mentioned: 

- Selling within Europe
- Selling within Europe to a party without an excise warehouse
- Sell to a party with an excise warehouse
- Selling outside Europe

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Excise goods at NBK


The transport of excise goods is combined with a transport document. This may differ for goods from a country outside Europe and for a country within Europe. Want to know more about this? Then click on Transport!

Excise goods at NBK


When you have purchased excise goods, it is very cost efficient to store them at a customs or excise warehouse. With storing your excise product in a warehouse, you create a cash flow advantage. 

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Excise goods at NBK

Excise declarations.

Excise declarations are needed when excise goods are sold in the Netherlands or transported in the EU. Different requirements apply to the preview of legal licenses. 

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